Good design requires a solid understanding of space and an even better understanding of the people who use it. Getting to know my clients and their home is a critical first step in every project and one I especially love.

Each project starts with a conversation so that I can better understand how a client lives and what’s working and not working about their current home. We discuss their vision for the space and also have a candid conversation about the constraints of the project including the house itself, zoning concerns, budget and timeline. 

From there, I get creative turning those constraints into opportunities and translating their vision into reality. I believe in a collaborative process so while I do the heavy lifting from start to finish, client input and feedback inform the design at all stages. With strong communication skills and extensive design and project management experience, I keep my client’s informed and the project running smoothly. The design and construction process should be fun and with the right team it absolutely can be.

If you’re looking for an architect, it’s probably because something about your space isn’t feeling or working the way you think it should. I can help. I’d love the opportunity to lean more about you and your design needs.  Send an email and let’s find a time to chat! 

Lauren Begen Head Shot


Lauren is a licensed architect in MA and CT and has worked throughout the New England and Tri-state areas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Smith College and a Master of Architecture from The University of Virginia.